Scrum Agile Project Management


May 10, 2011 0

Express is an agile project management tool focused on iteration and backlog management. Express is designed around the Scrum approach to Agile Project Management and supports stories with tasks. Developers and other stakeholders are able to track the progress of each iteration using the iteration burndown chart and a virtual wall which shows each story’s tasks moving through the various stages from open, through in-progress and test, to done.

Adaptive Project Framework by Robert K. Wysocki

May 10, 2011 0

This book is a little bit different in the project management category. Its goal is to present an open framework and not a prescriptive model. Many project managers prefer to apply existing recipes for their project, but if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, you will find in this books many ingredients to create your own recipe to manage software development projects.

Story Point Estimation

May 6, 2011 0

In this blog post, Mike Treadway explains the technique of using story points for story estimation during agile planning sessions.

Using Lean-Thinking to Help Scrum Teams

May 4, 2011 0

Thinking about Lean as a combination of science, management and learning provides Scrum practitioners to start with including Lean and Kanban practices into their Scrum practices. Explicit policies, managing work-in-progress, and creating visibility have a direct, measurable impact on a team’s velocity.

Using “No” in Agile

May 4, 2011 0

In his blog post “New to agile? Remember how to say ‘No’”, Bob Hartmann reminds us that the “no” word should be used much more often at every level of the organization where agile is being embraced.

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