Scrum Agile Project Management

When Models Collide

What do you do when models collide? Every team has their own mental model of how things are supposed to work. We often call these “processes” or “methodologies”, but they are really just a shared understanding of how things get done by a team. Sometimes, however, problems can’t be tackled by just one team because of size, company structure, diversity of required skill sets, or any number of other reasons.

What then? Easy, just add more teams, right? This doesn’t always work as expected, because the two teams may not have the same model of how work gets done. This video explores the opportunities offered in a multi-tier development system consisting of teams using a variety of different working models including Scrum, Kanban, “”Traditional”” and even ad hoc. Different teams and their associated commitment models allow teams to be more effective in addressing the different types of work that emerge from effective product management activities, but only if the teams are able to overcome the various communication and logistical impediments offered by having different mental models.

Video Producer: Lean & Kanban 2011 Benelux