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What It Takes to Grow Great Teams

For best results from Agile, you need a solid team. If you belong to, manage, or lead an Agile team, you’ve probably seen that process alone doesn’t translate to great results – and that having a cross-functional group of 7 +/- 2 “resources” doesn’t either. Instead, what makes Agile come to life is the team’s motivated, engaged individuals who communicate, collaborate, and respond effectively. In many organizations, teams rely on their leaders and managers to help them grow and become stronger.

But how do Agile leaders and managers help their teams? What should they do, and not do? What does valuing “individuals and interactions over processes and tools” look and feel like? Learn all about the skills and attributes of servant leaders. You’ll discover what makes great Agile teams tick. You’ll get a view, free of hype and cynicism, of how Agile managers and leads contribute to their teams’ success (or hold them back). And you’ll receive practical tips and develop insights into three vital skills for supporting your team’s journey to greatness: communication, coaching, and facilitation.

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