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Vertical Story Slicing on Microservices

Many Agile coaches are former software developers, some are not. But when technology moves on, well known Agile approaches can be challenged. Applying the Agile approach of vertical story slicing on microservices is one such example. This talk explains on how as Agile coaches we can coach in technical areas where technology may have moved on, thus challenging the perceived coaching approaches to helping teams become self-organising.

Questions that are answered are:
* How can you vertically story slice microservices?
* Where is the real product in microservices? How do you coach technological challenges, when the team does not know the answer and neither do you?
* When a microservices architecture seems component based, how do feature teams work?

Finally, the video presents a case study of a microservices implementation with six Scrum teams in an insurance company building a real-time transactional Q&B system. And how they were coached!

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