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User Stories & Other Agile Failures

Should agile practitioners avoid large corporate clients? Are they just too hard to take on a progressive agile journey? Helping companies that think they are already agile to actually adopt agile is an interesting challenge, for a start, nobody likes to be told that they are doing it wrong. In this video, David Espley shares his experience of helping larger corporate clients to act more like Lean startups, discusses how you wean people off their agile washed legacy processes and let go of some of the big company baggage.

Over the past 20 years David has worked with number of larger clients and helped some of them to achieve their agile ambitions. By working with a ‘top down’ approach and understanding that getting the board bought into the new world is just as important than any other activity he has started to see some repeatable patterns both in success and behaviors. This talk argues that as a community we need to invest time into educating a wide range of people into the changes they need to embrace; in the same way we try to deliver value to the market, in increments, adapting quickly and failing fast.

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