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Thermodynamics of Lean Leadership and Transformation

Boiling frogs and Lean transformation often have at least one thing in common: Do it quickly, but not quickly enough, and the subject might jump overboard. Changing behaviours, influencing culture and moving forwards on the path towards Lean or Agile is hard work. More often than not, the advice dispensed is “it depends”. Figuring out what it depends upon is frequently left as an exercise for the individual. While correct, it certainly does depend, many practitioners and change agents lack good mental models to have a good intuition for what it might depend on. And what might likely emerge from different environments. This talk explores one potential model to start making sense of some of the factors levering well known natural phenomena that most of us already have reasonable intuition about. Using thermodynamics, the science of heat transfer, energy and work as the basis to understand change and leadership efforts. Using familiar concepts like heat dissipation and ambient temperature to figure out when and how to focus change efforts. you will learn a new way to (gradually) turn up your Lean/Agile thermostat.

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