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Scrum Teams: Courage, Openness, Pigs and Chickens

The board game Othello has the slogan: “A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.” This applies really well to a team that’s learning Scrum. The basic practices and mechanics of Scrum are straightforward, and not difficult to adopt.

The basic pattern for a Scrum project is simple, which makes it very attractive for teams who want to go agile. And if that were all it took to adopt Scum effectively, we’d all be running great agile teams! But many teams find that they run into trouble with their Scrum adoption, and usually end up with what feels like an “empty” implementation. We explore the reasons behind this in our new talk, Scrum and Self-Organizing Teams: Openness, Courage, Pigs, and Chickens.

Video producer: NY SPIN – New York Software & Systems Process Improvement Network
Slide from the presentation: