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Product Backlog Grooming in Scrum

In this short video, Ken Rubin shares his thoughts on product backlog grooming in the Scrum agile project management approach. He wrote in his book “Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process” that “Product backlog grooming is essential for effective sprint planning and the resulting flow of features into a sprint. If the product backlog has been detailed appropriately, the items at the top of the backlog should be clearly described and testable.”

“As they (requirements) progress through the pipeline and move closer to the time when they will flow out to be worked on, they are progressively refined through the grooming activity. At the right side of the pipeline is the team. By the time an item flows out of the pipeline, it must be ready – detailed enough that the team can understand it and be comfortable delivering it during a sprint.”

Managing the flow of requirements and the gradual refinement of requirements from general features to sprint-ready user stories are an essential task of the Scrum team.

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