Scrum Agile Project Management

Practical Guidance for a Project to Product Transformation

Ross Clanton and Amy Walters walk through an enterprise playbook, tactics, and case studies for how to successfully transform from a project to product based operating model. The target audience for this paper is leaders at any level of the enterprise who are driving a transition to a product-centric model. Transformations that shift from project to product require changes at every level and in every corner of the enterprise.

To gather information that is both relevant and that has been proven successful, Ross Clanton and Amy Walters interviewed industry thought leaders across fourteen large enterprises who successfully drove product and technology transformations. These leaders had amazing insights from their successes and failures in moving organizations from project to product at scale. The companies assessed span the following industries: retail, banking, airline, telecommunications, apparel, accessories, sports equipment, financial services, insurance, technology, food and beverage, and medical software.

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