Scrum Agile Project Management

Overcome Self-Organization Blocks

We know that self-organization is a critical aspect of every successful Agile project and we know that it takes trust, respect, openness and responsibility. So why many teams have a hard time to achieve it?

Self-organization changes the leader/team dynamics and the teammate/teammate ones. Resistance may arise and the source is frequently rooted in mental habits, such as a latent blaming culture, confusing guidance and command, fear of taking responsibility or losing status, unconscious personal agendas.
Attend this session to learn how to deal with organizational issues such as:
* Creating team’s cohesion; counteracting division
* Positioning yourself at your proper guidance level
* Identifying a latent blaming culture and mitigate its consequences
* Understanding the manager’s and team’s roadblocks to self-organization
* Making your team collaborate more smoothly

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