Scrum Agile Project Management

Moving Scrum Beyond the Team to Create the Agile Organization

Scrum and Kanban offer firms a clear concept of dealing very fast with client demands. Continuous delivery of the most important feature sets of products, iteration by iteration, created a tremendous amount of value for companies like, Google, Microsoft and other companies worldwide.

Scrum started 15 years ago with an Observation of Ikujiro Nonaka. Now, in 2012, the rest of the business world starts to take notice. Boris Gloger will re-invent Scrum for business people. He will tell the story of Scrum based on its core ideas and values – so it will become valuable for manager on C-Level and middle level. This talk will show how you can re-shape Scrum to its core values and basic framework, to make it understandable and interesting for non-IT people and how to take Scrum beyond the IT departments.

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