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Mission Impossible: The Scrum Product Owner

Does Scrum ask too much of product owners? Is the role set up to fail? In this presentation, Allan Kelly looks at some of the problems Product Owners face… and tries to make some useful suggestions.

Have you ever worked with an excellent product owner? One who had enough time to be with the team, visit customers, analyze the market, talk to UXD, marketing and upper management? Worked at a sustainable pace and still had time for their kids? A product owner who could tell the team what to do without impinging their autonomy? A product owner who could write user stories and roadmaps, do story and impact mapping, define the details of acceptance criteria and the big picture of product strategy? One who can design experiments and MVPs, refine the backlog, set priorities, understand a CfD, calculate weighted lead time, cost of delay and still tell you when it will be done?

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You will find more ideas of Allan Kelly about the product owner in his book The Art of Agile Product Ownership

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