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Mastering Scrum Retrospectives

When I started with Agile and Scrum back at 2005, I was not much different from any other agile newbie, and I was complaining for having regular retrospective. “What for? We are already sitting together, we are a good team, we tell each other what should be said. It’s waste of time. Formal meeting…” Later I realized retrospective is quite useful and implemented it as one of the key Scrum practices.

Lately, during past few years of my work as Agile Coach I realized I do retrospective with new agile teams and simply any group of people very often to start communication and build a first cornerstone of agile mindset – openness and trust to each other. I must admit it delivers great results which I never can achieve without Retrospective. This talk share with you my experiences how to become “master of retrospectives” and how to use it in all rank of different situations.

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