Scrum Agile Project Management

Learn to Say No to End Multitasking

Many people, even the people supposedly using Agile, have too much work to do. You have project work. You have support work, formal for customer support or sales, and informal for your colleagues. You have reports to write or file, time cards to fill out, or other periodic events. You know your multitasking is slowing down your work, making you crazy, and making it difficult to deliver your best work. You need a way to say no to more work.

In this presentation, Johanna Rothman proposes a visual approach to manage multitasking. You can create your personal project portfolio. Learn to visualize your project portfolio and ask your manager for help in understanding what you should do first, second, and third. Maybe, even never. Learn how to create a parking lot so people know you’re not ignoring them; you’re not working on their desires now. Learn to have that conversation with your manager so you can say no and stop the multitasking.

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