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Has Your Agile Transformation Hit a Wall?

Many organizations find they have hit a wall in their Agile transformation. Something is still missing: the culture has not changed, leaders do not yet fully understand their full Agile role, the structure is not aligned around value streams, teams find major obstacles to doing, and being, Agile. The causes of these dilemmas are not simple; if they were, you would have solved them by now.

The Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ (IATF) looks from four fundamental perspectives: Mindset, Practices, Culture and Structure, together providing a comprehensive view of your transformation. Over the past 5 years, we have applied, refined and honed the IATF to its present state. Recently, we have innovated the Integral Systems Analysis methodology, helping us determine the most potent points of a situation for each of our dilemmas and problems, giving us an assessment context and an intervention road map for addressing complex issues. We will walk through several audience situations to get a concrete sense of what this robust analysis can offer us in understanding our transformation blockages and what to do next.

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