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From Agile Hangover to Antifragile Organisations

Many organisations have been swept up in agile process adoption, with good reasons! The Agile Party is coming to a close and many organisations are now beginning to look at where they are and have come to the disheartening realisation that, rather than in a new world of embracing change and competitiveness, they have a lot of new processes, not much to show for it, and people are disillusioned enough to begin to revert to older, familiar ways… This is the unfortunate age of the ‘agile hangover’.

In this talk Russ Miles, Chief Scientist at Simplicity Itself, will share his experiences overcoming the agile hangover, looking at:
* The many different facets of an ‘agile hangover’
* Where common organisational changes disrupted the routes being taken towards agility
* Typically where and why Agile ‘champions’ leave the organisation stealing the journey’s momentum
* What we wanted, and what didn’t we get from a typical ‘agile journey’
* How to turn an agile hangover into something that can really get those promised benefits by going beyond ‘Agile’

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