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Design the Right Product

We’ve all been there. You release a new feature, product or service, only to find it isn’t quite what your customers want or need. But by the time you release, it’s too late to make significant changes. Traditionally user experience design has involved a significant amount of upfront user research and design, to ensure we build products that meet customer needs. But this approach doesn’t always work so well within an Agile development environment.

Lean UX draws inspiration from the philosophy behind Lean manufacturing, where the emphasis is on reducing waste in the production process and only working on things that create value for your customers.

In this session Michele Ide-Smith demonstrates how taking a Lean UX approach can help you to design the right products for your customers. Michele shares some practical tips, tools and techniques for product teams. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get the team out of the building to find out first-hand what your customers want and need
  • Use rapid prototyping techniques to validate assumptions with customers, without having to code a fully functioning application
  • Work collaboratively with your team to get to the right design quickly

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