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Cost of Delay & Better Prioritization

The Cost of Delay is a concept that combines an understanding of value with how that value leaks away over time. it allows to answer the question: “What would it cost us if this was delayed by 1 month?”. This presentation explores the Cost of Delay, what it is and how it helps in improving prioritization. You can use the Cost of Delay to surface assumptions and focus on what is valuable and urgent. The Cost of Delay helps you get more of what you want, faster. If you want to move on from prioritization by gut-feel, MoSCoW hell or HiPPO(highest-paid person’s opinion)-driven decisions, you need to understand Cost of Delay. It also help you making better decisions. Product development is full of trade-offs. What are our queues costing us? Use Cost of Delay for better decisions and enable distributed decision-making at all levels in your organization. If the system has little or no information about value and urgency it will optimise for other things – typically cost and dates, which tends to drive the wrong behaviors.

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