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Championing Security in Agile Development

The world is shifting from waterfall to Agile software development and technology is changing fast. Amidst all this, security teams are not able to keep up with this pace. This has led to increase in the number, size and frequency of breaches & supply chain attacks. This talk discusses how to hack the developer mindset to build security into the product/application; also, the methods and means to make it effective at scale.

The presentation discusses the actual outcomes of this approach and shares learnings from successful execution of the ‘Security Champion Program’ that was designed and drove at scale by the presenter. This program proved to be effective and was run for ~ 200 teams consisting of ~3000 developers and continues to grow. During this process, the organization captured hundreds of threats, taking them through a structured approach to track, manage and mitigate these issues on their project/devOps dashboard. In this talk, we also share what good looks like when Security is everyone’s responsibility.

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