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Being a Full Stack Agile Coach

So how to become a self-aware jack-of-all-trades in agility? Is there such a thing as Full Stack Agile Coach? If yes, how to become one?

We love methods, frameworks and tools. All these fancy abbreviations, titles, or at least certificates make our inner impostors go to sleep for a while. We master at X, we mature at Y, etc. Isn’t that tricky? Does it actually make us professional… fools? Even worse. Doesn’t it make us harmful to our employers? Yes, harmful. We reorganize and often superficially optimize organizations around us to match what we know. Not to what they need, but what we have to offer.

Let’s talk about expanding our toolkit to the very basic, but still wider than one tool. Scrum, Kanban, scaling patterns, theories, maturity model, strategy tools, the language, and presentation skills, and finally being a human being capable of understanding our fears, motivations, and irrationality. You are going to hear about Scrum, Kanban, organizational maturity model, Theory of Constraints, OKRs, Tribalism, Behavioral Economics, and many more. It is going to awake our internal Impostors, but that’s good. We make so much money that we need to improve.

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