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An Agile Data Warehouse

Agile, step-by-step development of a data warehouse gives early feedback, frequent incremental benefits and better long term results. Meanwhile, our users and data warehouse developers become respected friends.

Data Warehouses are normally seen as big, expensive, lengthy, waterfall projects, using complex and costly tools. They don’t need to be. As someone who has helped several teams to build successful data warehouses, I know that an Agile approach is much better, and in this talk I will explain how we do this. We can deliver incremental, useful reports and applications within weeks of starting the project and can continue to consolidate an organization’s data, improving its quality and the meaningful insights it can deliver. At the same time, we develop wider understanding of the data, often leading to improved business processes. The skills we need are widely useful: listening and communication, analysis of systems and business processes, and data management skills. These are better investments than training in the use of proprietary tools – training that decays with each new release.

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