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Sometimes, user documentation is not a nice to have but a legal requirement or a requirement to meet a standard like the FDA. But more important, quality user documentation improves the usability of the product and enhances the credibility of the company.

Moving from a waterfall organization to a scrum environment with bi-weekly software updates, has an impact on creating user documentation. This video presents these challenges were tackled on different levels:
* First from a content point of view: how can you structure and standardize your content to facilitate bi-weekly updates?
* Second from an organizational point of view: how can 8 technical authors support 26 scrum teams?
* And last and most important from a process point of view: how can you integrate the creation of user documentation in the software development process? This is a use case of how we used value stream mapping to analyze our process and determine improvements based upon the results. Scrum enables companies to provide relevant user documentation in time with limited extra effort.

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