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Truly Connect with Your Team – Retros & Radars with Trune

This article presents the retrospective & health radar tool, Trune. There are many Scrum retrospective tools out there, and the number is growing by the day. So why do companies like Intuit, IBM, Airbnb, Volvo, and Starbucks choose Trune as their retrospective tool for their Agile teams?

Author: Matthias Guggenberger, Trune Co-Founder,

Truly Connect with Your Team - Retros & Radars with Trune

Certain things vary from retro to retro, but there is one key element that challenges pretty much every retrospective facilitator: Getting a team to talk.

Trune supports that in various ways via retros, radars, statistics or integrations (Jira, AzureDevOps, Zapier..).

Getting feedback from your team is so much more than just addressing them directly and asking for feedback. It is about building trust; it is about sharing and true connections. So, at Trune, we put this fact at the heart of our tool development process.

We are also aware that there is much more to the topic than just the retro software you use. However, our approach is that your retrospective tool needs to support your goals and enable you to truly connect.

A clean yet beautiful UI

Let’s face it, pretty much every retro tool has a clean UI. However, at Trune, we know that a UI needs to provide more than a clean interface.

Our tool graphically supports your retrospective process, and from the feedback we get from our customers, their teams love it.

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Small graphic details are not only nice to watch but also increase a team’s interaction. Since engagement is a key factor for many scrum masters and team leaders, we have created dedicated roles focused on providing a smooth user experience.

As a team, you can define action items or goals in line with the SMART criteria to ensure the goals are measurable and trackable with clear responsibilities.

Truly Connect with Your Team - Retros & Radars with Trune

Why not choose one of the free tools out there?

Well, in today’s world, nothing is really free. In most cases, there is a catch. Either you are guided to sign up for a paid plan by restricting functionality so much that the free plan is technically unusable, or the software comes with security flaws. The bottom line is that there are two options. You opt for a professional tool backed by a company with the resources and tools to provide a solution that is safe, secure, available, and future-proof, or you choose a free solution that is often maintained in someone’s spare time with a poor UI and the risk of the developer closing their project at any time if it becomes too time-consuming or some other personal reason.

With us, all client data can be stored in the EU only to offer the highest GDPR compliance. No standard contractual clauses are needed, and an easy process with your internal GDPR/ data protection officer is assured.

Trune offers a solution that is not only safe, secure, and easily accessible, but that is also feature-rich, modern, and future-proof, all while keeping the costs minimized so the entry barrier is low, and the tool will get approved quickly.

Trune is not just about retrospectives; you can also explore agility health radars. Tools for agility health radars can cost up to thousands of dollars a month. With Trune, you can assess your Scrum team’s health in an effective and engaging way for a fraction of the cost of other tools.

Truly Connect with Your Team - Retros & Radars with Trune

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You can also connect Trune to more than 1,000+ other tools, so your data is available whenever you need it.

Bottom line, Trune provides an overall safe and secure place for your team to engage in beautiful, clean and effective ways to get feedback via retrospectives, radars or statistics. Trusted by hundreds of teams that connect with their team like never before.

Try Trune for FREE for five sessions, with no strings attached.

Try Trune today, and truly connect with your team!

Features include:

  • Anonymous cards (optional)
  • Anonymous voting (optional)
  • Timer
  • Action items (SMART goals – not just a to-do)
  • Large template library
  • Join without account
  • Custom retros/ radars
  • Statistics
  • App (coming soon)
  • Team health checks
  • API
  • SSO