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Top 5 Redmine Benefits for Agile Software Development Teams

Nowadays, everyone seems to be familiar with the concept of project management as an indispensable instrument for any successful business; only cavemen, probably, remain in the dark. Many IT companies have already implemented such technologies into their workflows and been truly satisfied with the results. Since the market, pretty obviously, is oversupplied with offers, how to choose the right platform? This post is going to shed some light on the axiom why Redmine is the best solution for Agile software development teams.

Let’s Cover the Basics: What Is Redmine?

Redmine is an open-source application for project and task management, as well as for bug tracking. The cross-platform system with open code is based on the Ruby on Rails web framework and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Top 5 Redmine Benefits for Agile Software Development Teams

Given that the platform is well-known for its flexible access settings and user-friendly interface, the successful work implementation is becoming a reality. The service enables teams to manage multiple tasks at once, keep an eye on each member’s performance and, thus, deliver projects on time and within budget the best way possible. Interestingly enough, the system possesses numerous modules that are aimed at automating various work stages, such as planning project budget or maintaining customer support. They, in turn, clearly stand out among time and issue tracking, traditionally associated with PM tools, features.

Despite the fact it was launched in 2006, the Ruby-based application still carves a niche in the market as an all-in-one PM tool. This is made possible through the diligent work of our professional specialists who cannot help but look for anything that can be improved, that’s why the users are smoothly provided with regular updates.

Now it is high time to consider why it is extremely profitable to incorporate Redmine into software development.

1. Integration with Code Repository

The built-in feature that leaves no one indifferent is integrating Redmine Cloud with GitHub and other code repositories in just 10 minutes. Users will get integrated version control, as if the subversion repository was hosted locally, and monitor commits (saved changes) with a full range of possible actions: commenting issues or closing them, tracking time, etc. In short, the function lets software developers tie code changes with bugs or feature requests and track their origin. And all of this with better communication within a team!

Top 5 Redmine Benefits for Agile Software Development Teams

Moreover, teams may plug any external web app they use via REST API. For this reason, Redmine beats any other PM tool in terms of connection.

2. Agile Methodology

Task delegation is a must in any endeavor, so it is no wonder that Agile products shook up the project management sphere. Applying such techniques may enable you to deliver a product faster and with better control. Needless to say, the Agile Redmine plugin is aimed at providing the highest level of transparency because the icons of what is done, when and by whom are clearly seen on fully customizable Agile boards.

Top 5 Redmine Benefits for Agile Software Development Teams

Speaking of the boards, each element, which is usually represented by a task, looks like a card. Cards can display a range of parameters because the Agile boards are easily adjustable to users preferences with the use of any Agile methodology: Scrum, Kanban or the mixed ones. This way companies may keep close tabs on progress, edit tasks by adding comments or updating their status. Meanwhile, if a team leader, for instance, wants to see the bigger picture, s/he may benefit from various Agile charts and visualize the current project state.

Want to know a little life hack? It is really worth trying our sprints! This tool helps to divide all the tasks into weekly sprints or versions and, consequently, streamline the team work. Note that this trick, as well as the Agile techniques in general, will work out in any company department from custom software development to marketing.

Have a look at the Redmine Agile video overview:

3. Product Maintenance

Once the product is launched, another phase begins and that is customer support. The soft offers an efficient alternative to messy emails and significantly eases the service by keeping all client requests in one place. But your workflow can become even more productive if you add the Helpdesk plugin with a large set of computer-assisted operations, such as canned responses.

By introducing this module into work, your project support stops being letters dump, as all the feedback becomes well-organized requests with their automatically saved history. What is more, all the emails may be categorized according to projects, specific bugs or users.

The world-famous rule: the quicker team support responds, the happier become clients. So do not waste your project circle, give a chance to Redmine. Its functionality certainly will not disappoint you!

Top 5 Redmine Benefits for Agile Software Development Teams

4. Comprehensive Control

Is there anything more valuable than time and resources in software development? Probably not. Any IT entrepreneur should be aware how much time is spent on particular issues, bugs or software features and which people are used for these purposes. That is where the RedmineUP PM platform comes in with its helpful tools for scheduling tasks and reporting them afterwards.

The Reporter plugin is created exactly for such needs, as it lets users create accurate reports with all the details in one click collecting the data from one or more tasks. What is more, the tool can present the gathered information in a format you prefer. Thus, PDF reports reflect the time recorded, the changes or roll-outs made to the code and other stuff.

Top 5 Redmine Benefits for Agile Software Development Teams

As for the people in charge, the software brings the Resources plugin to the stage. It serves to delegate tasks between team members and mirror the real personnel situation. Who is really busy and who is just pretending to be under a flurry of activities? Just check your screen: a kind of Gantt charts is in front of you. The free time of each employee, the estimated duration of specific tasks, detailed reports, literally everything is accounted by Redmine.

5. Be in Full Command of Billing

The payment issue inevitably arises in any negotiation, so there is no way to stay unprepared. In such cases the Redmine PM system is ready to make its community fully equipped by the Invoices plugin, since the module is designed to create estimates or quotes and bill customers for the project or task time teams spent on.

Top 5 Redmine Benefits for Agile Software Development Teams

It is especially relevant for software developers and other specialists with time-based services. Nevertheless, users may track additional non-time-based costs with the feature Expenses. It is another step forward in respect of transparent accounting system.

Additionally, our invoices are fully customizable to any country’s requirements, so you can add your company logo, contact information, custom fields or anything you find suitable to the PDF report. Learn more about HTML-based custom templates you may choose or create in our in-depth article.

Test Yourself

Convincing or not, you cannot deny that it sounds appealing at a minimum. Being proofless is the last thing we want by publishing this article. Then, please, give us a shot to just show you our magic world with a free RedmineUP trial. You lose nothing anyway, so let the game begin. Buckle up!

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