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Scrum & Kanban Open Source Tools for Bugzilla

Bugzilla is a popular open source bug tracker created originally by the Mozilla Foundation. It has an open architecture that allows extending its basic functionalities. This article lists the Bugzilla plugins, called add-on in Bugzilla, that allows integrating an Agile project management approach like Scrum or Kanban around the bug tracking features of Bugzilla.

There are currently 5 open source plugins that allows to add Scrum and Kanban features so that you can integrate an Agile project management approach with the basic functionalities of the Bugzilla open source bug tracking tool. Besides these open source extensions, there are also many commercial agile project management tools that have a connection with Bugzilla.

The official page for the Bugzilla add-on is

AgileTools Bugzilla Extension

The AgileTools Bugzilla Extension provides tools to manage teams and their processes. It currently supports the Scrum approach and provides planning and progress tracking tools for teams using Scrum. In the future other process models, for example Kanban, could be added.

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BzKanban is a new Bugzilla Kanban board plugin that should work for Bugzilla 5.0

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KanbanBoard is a Kanban front-end plugin for the Bugzilla bug tracking system.

KanbanBoard open source kanban plugin for bugzilla

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Kanbanzilla is a kanban board integrated with Bugzilla

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Scrumbugz is a Bugzilla add-on that allows you to manage sprints backed by Bugzilla data.

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