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Reetro – Free Tool for Easier Distributed Retrospectives

Reetro is an online agile retrospective tool. It simplifies the process of planning, managing and executing retrospectives. Reetro offers a variety of features from very simple user experience, automation and analytics.

Author: Nazia Tabassam, Reetro,

Reetro simplifies the process of gathering feedback from team members and makes it easier to collaborate and communicate.

Agile teams can use Reetro to either run regular retrospectives or as a general brainstorming tool.

All they have to do is to tell the tool what type of format they intended to use and how often they run retrospectives.

Once the retrospective format and date is selected, Reetro will automatically create a board before the next meeting and sends automatic feedback push notification to the team members.

After team members have submitted the feedback. It will be mapped to the corresponding columns on the board.

Reetro radically reduces the amount of effort and time spent by the Scrum masters to manually gather feedback and run the retrospectives.

Official Website:

Pricing: Freemium, and Paid Enterprise plan [Coming soon]

Reetro - Free Tool for Easier Distributed Retrospectives

Why Reetro?

Every scrum master runs into the same fundamental problems. Prepare for the retrospective meeting, ask for the feedback, track action items, engage unmotivated team members, manage unplanned activities, and avoid distractions. All of this is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort and manual management. A tool like Reetro simplifies all of this by offering a service, which can make your retrospectives more engaging, automatic and insightful.

Features overview:

Here are the details about some of Reetro’s distinctive features.

-Create unlimited customizable boards

-Create unlimited projects

-Manage all your retros in an easy-to-use dashboard

-Create unlimited teams

-Invite unlimited team members

-Automate board creation process

-Automatic feedback collection via push notifications

-Ability to give anonymous feedback

-Export your boards to PDF, CSV format

-Add, delete, vote or custom color your comment cards

-AI based retrospective analytics

-Live meeting notes editor

-Create and manage retro polls

– Single sign on [Coming soon]

– JIRA integration [Coming soon]

– Run retros in Slack using our plugin [Coming soon]

– Run retros in Confluence using our plugin [Coming soon]

– Trello integration [Coming soon]

– Asana integration [Coming soon]

– Yodiz integration [Coming soon]

Fun, Easy and 100% Free

At its core Reetro is a simple tool. It is very easy to get started and use the features. Scrum masters are at the core of Reetro operations and they direct and control the retrospective process in Reetro

Reetro is also fun to use. It provides user with the ability to give anonymous feedback, and vote on team happiness level.

The best thing about Reetro is its pricing, Reetro is free to use, with an Enterprise version under development. It will be upto users to decide, whether they want to use the free cloud version or paid Enterprise plan.

Security and Compliance

Reetro uses the latest security standards and follows the compliance models such as GDPR and SOC2, Reetro is not officially certified, but it follows the standards set by SOC2. Reetro also offers end-to-end encryption of your data.

Faster, better & personal support

Reetro offers faster, better and 24/7 email support. At every step, users can contact Reetro for support about the tool or their retrospective process.

Who Is Behind Reetro?

Reetro is built by an experienced team of scrum masters, product owners and software developers. Reetro headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, with development center is in Helsinki, Finland.

Reetro has one aim, to fix the retrospective process and offer a world-class tool at the fingertips of every scrum master in the world.

What others are saying about Reetro:

Love this tool! Honestly every remote scrum masters dream [Rana Haram, Scrum Master, Qistas]

Simply awesome tool! So, I accidentally signed up for this tool but I am glad I did. This tool is amazing [Sid, Scrum Master]

Reetro is my personal favorite! It covers all my needs, and you can’t beat the price [Lisa House, Program Manager, SkyWatch]

I really like how lightweight and how easy this tool is to use! [Marc .N.McGlade, PMO Manager, Virginia Lottery]

About the Author:

Nazia Tabassam is co-founder of Reetro. She is responsible for digital marketing and growth hacking activities at Reetro and can be reached at

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