Scrum Agile Project Management

Implementing team self-organization with the Scrum framework for Agile product and project management approach.

Self-Organization and Estimation in Scrum

February 6, 2013 0

In Scrum the estimation effort and accuracy depend on the team. In this article, Jingjie Wang discusses the situation where the Scrum team tends to underestimate its capacity to deliver so to be sure that the product owner and the scrummaster are always happy at the end of each sprint because everything promised is deliver.

Using Lean to Create Context for Self Organization

August 29, 2012 0

Learn how to achieve multiple team collaboration in large scale software development projects. Self-organization is a key concept for all Lean-Agile methods. However, as projects expand across the enterprise and, more specifically, cut across multiple teams, teams clearly can’t just organize in any way they want to. A blend of top-down direction with bottom-up self organization is needed. Lean provides the insights necessary for teams to self-organize within the context of the value stream within which the teams work. A top-down perspective, created by driving from business value, can provide insights on how teams must organize and work together.

Overcoming Self-Organization Blocks

October 4, 2011 1

This video discusses the groups dynamics that hinder self-organization in an Agile team, seen from a behavioral perspective and presents techniques to loosen the blocking dynamics.

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