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Replace Retrospectives with Toyota Kata

June 26, 2013 0

The Toyota Kata is a management book by Mike Rother. it can be defined as a systematic, scientific set of routines that activate and mobilize people’s creative capabilities to meet challenging goals. In this blog post, Håkan Forss, a Lean/Agile Coach in Sweden, introduces the Toyota Kata as an alternative or as a complement to agile retrospectives.

Gamified Retrospectives

May 30, 2013 0

Adding serious games, funware, with grain of gamification may help your team in finding creative solutions, thinking out of the box, and making them happier than ever before.

Turning the Tables in a Scrum Retrospective

April 25, 2013 0

Running continuously sprint retrospectives while keeping the Scrum team awareness during this activity is one of the biggest challenge for ScrumMasters. In this article, Marc Nazarian present an game called “Turn the tables” that should help the ScrumMaster to achieve this objective.

Retrospectives: The Most Boring Meetings Ever

February 22, 2013 0

You think retrospectives are the most boring meetings in Scrum and a waste of time? Or you are the ScrumMaster and you don’t know how to spice up your retrospectives? Unfortunately, I sat in a lot of boring retrospectives, too. But IMHO retrospectives are the meetings with the biggest potential for a lot of fun. I’ve some spices in my suitcase that will turn any retrospective into a remarkable experience. Join me, to learn how to facilitate a retrospective your team will love.

Retrospectives and Trust

January 31, 2013 0

Martin Alaimo thinks that personal issues are rarely discussed in Scrum retrospectives. In this article, he discusses how he includes in retrospectives a special section to address personal issues. He explains how he uses retrospectives to build Scrum between the Scrum team members.

Test Driven Retrospectives

January 9, 2013 0

Most of you should be familiar with Test-Driven Development (TDD), an Agile approach where you write a unit test before actually writing the code that should be verified. In this blog post, Jeffrey Davidson use the same concept and proposes a Test-Driven Retrospectives approach to ensure that this Scrum activity provides real improvements.

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