Scrum and Kanban Plugins for Redmine

September 5, 2016 3

Redmine is a popular open source project management web application. It was written using the Ruby on Rails framework. This software is more oriented towards a traditional approach for project management with Gantt charts and calendar than Agile, Scrum or Kanban. However, Redmine architecture allows however creating plugins to add additional features. The development of a number of Agile and Lean plugins has therefore been started in these past years. However not all those plugins have been in continuous development until the current release of Redmine 3.3

Scrum & Kanban Open Source Tools for Bugzilla

September 28, 2015 0

Bugzilla is a popular open source bug tracker created originally by the Mozilla Foundation. It has an open architecture that allows extending its basic functionalities. This article lists the Bugzilla plugins, called add-on in Bugzilla, that allows integrating an Agile project management approach like Scrum or Kanban around the bug tracking features of Bugzilla.

From 3 Scrum Teams to a Single Kanban Team

May 12, 2015 0

This talk is a study of a case in which three Scrum teams converged into a single large team Kanban system design. Working in separate teams resulted in issues with responsibility, hand-overs, resource utilization and a culture of blaming others. In a large, highly self-organized team the members could share responsibility for the whole, work on the right things and focus on flow.

Dropping Scrum for Kanban

January 23, 2014 0

Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban: there are many approaches to manage product development and project in the Agile software development world. It is a good thing to have multiple Agile tools, but you should also know when to use them. In this article Brendan Marsh of Spotify explains why his team dropped Scrum for Kanban just before launching their product.

How to Improve Agile with Kanban

March 20, 2013 0

The Agile Software Development movement has been around 11 years, and yet few seem to understand the true issues that challenge us and why Agile methods help. However, adopting Agile approaches has proven challenging for many firms. In this talk, David Anderson, a leader in the Agile movement will outline, the essence of Agile methods, why they are proving hard to adopt at large scale, and an alternative approach to agility using the Kanban Method.

Combining Kanban and Scrum

March 7, 2013 0

Discover how a team of sysadmins dragged the best of Kanban, added a chunk of Scrum and came up with a clear and sustainable process for support teams.

Recreating Scrum with Kanban

November 5, 2012 0

In this blog post, Cory Foy explains how he recreated Scrum using Kanban coupled with a set of Explicit Policies. Kanban has less initial rules than Scrum, but the team decides with explicit policies how he wants to manage things like the frequency of the meetings with the backlog owner. The blog post describes the right set of explicit policies needed in Kanban to recreate Scrum. As Cory Foy says, this is a little bit a silly exercise, but it allows also to think about the implicit set of policies that Scrum proposes.

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