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Dodgy Scrum Stand-up

August 19, 2011 0

A team of volunteers put together this video to highlight the less desirable behaviors that can sometimes make their way into a daily Scrum Stand-up meeting.

Beyond Mechanics for the Daily Stand-up Meeting

June 7, 2011 0

In this article, Bachan Anand explains that beyond the mechanics, the daily Scrum stand-up meeting checks how is the team progressing toward fulfillment of the sprint commitment, identifies concerns immediately and provides an opportunity to discuss corrective action.

Top Ten Tips for Distributed Scrum Team Teleconferences

January 11, 2011 0

After acting as scrum master for several months on a distributed team with people in six different locations, three different time zones and two different countries, Jon Archer offers ten tips to help get past those inevitable awkward silences in Scrum teleconferences.

When stand-up meetings are going wrong

January 28, 2010 0

Sometimes Daily Scrum Meeting are not working. The meetings don’t release the power of the team get together in a “Scrum”. This blog post contains a list of smells to detect bad daily stand-up meetings.

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