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Agile change and transformation

Context-Based Agile

April 12, 2012 1

There is a tendency to use agile software development approaches and all their practices simply because it is in the book. Why don’t we select the tools based on the context of the task we are trying to complete?

Agile Project Management Office

March 12, 2012 0

The adoption of Agile approaches has introduced new ways of thinking about Project Management, which impact Project Management Organizations in various ways. This paper divides the range of practices commonly found in Project Management Office (PMO) into Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management. It identifies how the introduction of Agile processes such as Scrum impacts the PMO.

Agile Adoption Test

February 27, 2012 0

The Agile Karlskrona test is a simple self-assesement test that tries to answer the “How agile are you?” question. With 11 questions, this test should help you find where “on the road” from waterfall to agile your software development team is at the moment.

Why Scrum Sprints Are Not Mini Waterfalls

February 7, 2012 1

Companies that transition to Agile often adopt the analogy that sprints are just mini waterfall. This article provides five reasons why Scrum sprints are not mini-Waterfall. Each argument is illustrated by a diagram that provides a clear visual evidence of the difference between the Agile approach and a traditional process.

How Agile and Lean changed my Organization

February 2, 2012 1

We are a middle-sized organization of coaches, consultants and developers – and we see ourselves Agile and Lean through and through, to the core, dyed-in-the-wool, born-and-bread. Well, to be honest, we might be not. Or at least not from the beginning.

Thinking About Agile Adoption

November 14, 2011 0

Is the transition to Agile more difficult for late adopters? In this blog post that provides feedback about his attendance to the Conference on Lean Enterprise Software and Systems, Alan Shalloway explains that those taking on Agile are of a different mindset than those who made it initially successful. He also discusses Scrum-of-Scrums and preventing a “cargo cult” attitude towards agile practice.

Successful Agile Transformation

November 1, 2011 0

This presentation presents the successful transformation of group of projects with 150+ people in one of the biggest investment bank. It talks about cross-component, cross-functional feature teams, joined architectural workshops and multiple backlogs. The present shares experience about lessons learned, successes and achievements, mistakes, improvements and, of course, innovations.

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