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The Agile Atlas

The Agile Atlas is a web site supported by the Scrum Alliance which is an information resource for Scrum and Agile practitioners. The purpose of this site is to provide an “encyclopedia” of information about Agile and related methods.

Although the site is presently supported only by the Scrum Alliance, it is not intended to be a Scrum-only site in any way. We propose to provide as broad and deep a view of all the information topics relating to Agile, Lean, and even plan-based methods. We propose to cover as many named as we can: Scrum, XP, Kanban. Who knows, perhaps even DSDM.

The site provides three main areas:
* Core Scrum is a brief statement by the Scrum Alliance on the essentials of Scrum. It is our view that to be doing Scrum, a team must be doing at least the things described in this page. Naturally, every team does many more things than just “Core Scrum”, but this page represents the bare minimum.
* Generally Accepted Scrum Practices, or “GASPs”, offer particular practices and approaches that may be helpful in your own practice of Scrum.
* Commentaries are articles commenting on Scrum as a whole, or specific practices related to Scrum. They may be suggesting ideas for use with Scrum, or may just present an alternate viewpoint.

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