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Cynical Agile and Scrum Definitions

Running Agile software development projects using Scrum is not always an easy task. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the Agile best practices with a dose of humour.

This is the purpose of the “Cynical Agile and Scrum Dictionary” which try to implement the following user story: “As a reader with a sense of humor, I want to find down-to-earth definitions, So that I can smile, frown, and reflect.” You might find in it some gems to create a lighter atmosphere for your next Scrum meeting.

Some of the definitions in this dictionary:
* BDD: an ironic example of a development community building tools for non developers, and ending up being the only ones using them
* Scrum Master: a person who removes stumbling blocks and in so-doing eventually self destructs
* Story Points: a relative measure of absolute inability to estimate

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