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Podcasts play an important role as one of the modern tools for personal Agile training and Scrum knowledge acquisition, as much as videos. Audio-only material is useful in a context where the eyes are already busy, when you commute in your car for instance.

This article lists active Agile and Scrum podcasts. Most podcasts episodes are available as mp3 files that can be downloaded. Other are available only in certain audio or video distribution platforms like SoundCloud , iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or YouTube. The active Agile and Scrum podcasts mentioned in this article are: #AgileWay Podcast,, Agile Answers, Agile Amped, Agile Chicago Style, Agile Chuck Wagon, Agile Coaches’ Corner, Agile Coaching Network, Agile Coffee, Agile for Human, Agile Mentors Podcast, Agile in 3 Minutes, Agile Revolution, Agile Toolkit Podcast, Agile Uprising, Badass Agile Podcast, The Burn Up, Deliver It Cast, JoinAgile, LeadingAgile, Meta-Cast, Planet Product Owner, SAFe Business Agility Podcast, Scrum Master Toolbox, This Agile Life, Troubleshooting Agile, Two Scrums Up, Why Agile Transformations Fails, Women in Agile. Do not hesitate to suggest important Agile and Scrum podcasts that are missing from this list using the website contact form.

June 27 2022: added #AgileWay Podcast, Agile Mentors Podcast (Mountain Goat Software), SAFe Business Agility Podcast
May 19 2021: added Agile Coaches’ Corner, Planet Product Owner, Women in Agile
July 21 2020: added Agile Coaching Network, The Burn Up, Two Scrums Up
April 3 2019: added, Agile Chicago Style

* #AgileWay Podcast

The #AgileWay Podcast is presented by Zuzana “Zuzi” Šochová, an independent Agile coach and trainer who explores challenges organizations face on their agile journey: how to become a great ScrumMaster, how to change your leadership style, or how to embrace agility at the organizational level. Zuzana “Zuzi” Šochová is passionate about business agility, organizational culture, and agile leadership, and that was the reason. She decided to start this podcast to share with us her experiences and stories from her agile journey.


* Agile.FM

Agile.FM defines itself as “The Radio for the Agile Community”. This podcast managed by Jochen Krebs hosts thought leaders of the Agile and Scrum community like Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland, Woody Zuill, Ellen Gottesdiener or Ken Rubin.


* Agile Answers

In each Agile Answers podcast, Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile coach Adam Weisbart aims to help real people overcome real-world problems by providing easy-to-follow instructions that give you the tools you need to conquer your Agile challenges.


* Agile Amped

The Agile Amped podcast series of podcasts are managed by the Agile consulting company SolutionsIQ. Fueled by inspiring conversations, innovative ideas, and in-depth analysis of enterprise agility, Agile Amped provides on-the-go learning. Topics discussed in recent podcasts include “SAFe 4.6 with Dean Leffingwell”, “Mentoring a New Agile Coach” or “Why Agile is a Philosophy, Not a Compliance Regime”


* Agile Chicago Style

The Agile Chicago Style Podcast was created in response to an Agile Day Chicago 2014 Open Space idea, to Ignite the Chicago Agile Community. Topics discussed in recent podcasts include “The Rise and Fall of Agile Community, with Mike Marchi & Jeffsingleton”, “Visualization & Collaboration, with Maria Matarelli” or “5 ScrumMasters You Will Meet in Hell, with David Saboe”.


* Agile Chuck Wagon

The Agile Chuck Wagon is a weekly podcast on agile, lean, leadership, and technical topics aimed at beginning to intermediate practitioners.


Agile & Scrum Podcasts: The Agile Chuck Wagon is a weekly podcast on agile

* Agile Coaches’ Corner

Agile Coaches’ Corner shares practical concepts in an approachable way. It is for agile practitioners and business leaders seeking expert advice on improving the way they work to achieve their desired outcomes. Topics covered include Agile transformation, handling multiple teams, lean inception or remote facilitation.

* Agile Coaching Network

The Agile Coaching Network (ACN) is a podcast and webcast organized by the Agile Alliance. Hosted by Ray Arell, an Agile Alliance staff member, the ACN is a monthly live webcast and podcast that enables you to learn and share with other Agile practitioners. The ACN is open to everyone


* Agile Coffee

The Agile Coffee podcast is produced by Victor Bonacci. It aims at meeting and mingling with fellow Agile practitioners while learning new ideas and sharing experiences. This is why it is often recorded at Agile conferences like the Scrum Gathering.


Agile & Scrum Podcasts: The Agile Coffee podcast is produced by Victor Bonacci

* Agile for Human

The Agile for Humans podcast is produced by Ryan Ripley and defines itself as “dedicated to the individuals and interactions that make agile work”. In the most recent Agile for Humans podcast episodes, you can find some of the following topics “Sprint Retrospective Ideas for Scrum Masters”, “Improve Your Agile Hiring Practices”, Exploring the 3 V’s of Product Ownership” or “Systems Thinking in Agile”.


Agile & Scrum Podcasts: The Agile for Humans podcast is produced by Ryan Ripley

* Agile Mentors Podcast

The Agile Mentors podcast is for agilists of all levels. Whether you’re new to agile and Scrum or have years of experience, listen in to find answers to your questions and new ways to succeed with agile. Brian Milner is Senior VP of Agile Training at Mountain Goat Software. Each episode features a guest co-host to discuss different aspects of agile as well as address your questions.


* Agile in 3 Minutes

Agile in 3 Minutes defines itself as a “micropodcast about thinking and doing business effectively.” Currently in it third season, the Agile in 3 Minutes podcast provides knowledge about many various topics from Mob Programming to Newton law of motion or active listening. The last season is more special with the presence of guests like Johanna Rothman.


* Agile Revolution

The Agile Revolution is a Agile podcast hosted by Craig Smith, Renee Troughton and Tony Ponton. They often have external guests like in the recent episodes that include “Mob Programming & #noestimates with Woody Zuill”, “Working Effectively with (Legacy) Code with Michael Feathers” or “Agile Coaching with a Latin Touch with Martin Alaimo”.


Agile & Scrum Podcasts: The Agile Revolution is a Agile podcast hosted by Craig Smith, Renee Troughton and Tony Ponton

* Agile Toolkit Podcast

The Agile Toolkit Podcast is hosted by Bob Payne and provides conversations about Agile Software Development, Agile Methodologies, techniques and tools. In every episode, a guest is invited to create the conversation. Past guest include famous Agile gurus like eff Sutherland or Scott Ambler.


The Agile Toolkit Podcast is hosted by Bob Payne

* Agile Uprising

Agile Uprising is a purpose-built network that focuses on the advancement of the agile mindset and global professional networking between and among practicing agilists. In the Agile Uprising podcasts you can find topics like “What is a team?” or “The Dark Side of Coaching”.


* Badass Agile Podcast

The Badass Agile Podcast aims to provide each week a short, powerful reflection on experiences, mindset and habit pairs, and current trends. Among the topics of recent episodes, you find “Does your team really shoot for the moon?”, “Does Creativity Matter in your Agile Leadership Journey” or “Do you have to be a Scrum Master – or an Agile Practitioner – to be in the business of Agility?”.


* The Burn Up

The Burn Up is an Agile podcast produced by Todd Anderson and Marcel Britsch. This podcast discusses Agile from different perspectives.


* Deliver It Cast

Deliver It is a podcast for Product Owners. It is hosted Cory Bryan (and sometimes guests) bring their experience and ideas on how to improve the role and techniques they use to deliver value within an Agile framework. Topics discussed in the Deliver It podcasts include multiple Product Owners, interviewing customers or reducing risk.


* JoinAgile

The JoinAgile podcast is hosted by Dmitri Iarandine. It proposes to learn about Lean Agile Management and Delivery methods, values, principles, practices from a professional Agile Coach, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere of these fortnightly podcast episodes!


* LeadingAgile

LeadingAgile is the Agile consulting company of Mike Cottmeyer. In the LeadingAgile podcasts, the company consultants perform some Q&A with Mike Cottmeyer and discusses topics like “How Tooling and Reporting Enable Transformation” or “Addressing Your CFO’s Concerns To An Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation”.


* Meta-Cast

Meta-Cast is an Agile podcast focused on helping agile teams produced by Bob Galen and Josh Anderson. In the last episodes of the Meta-Cast podcast, the hosts discussed topics like “Agile Coaches Are Scary”, “Troublesome Team Members” or “Just The Right Amount of Agile Process”.


* Planet Product Owner

Product Owner experiences on a third grade level. Whether you are new to scrum, agile, lean or any rapid development method, this podcast covers insights and thinking patterns that hopefully make sense. Don’t let the audio from the first couple of episodes run you off as it gets better.


* SAFe Business Agility Podcast

The SAFe Business Agility Podcast discusses the concepts around Agile from a scaled agile framework (SAFe) perspective. The scaled agile framework is a set of organization and workflow patterns intended to guide enterprises in scaling lean and agile practices.


* Scrum Master Toolbox

The Scrum Master Toolbox podcast is aimed at providing “how to” knowledge for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. Among the topics discussed in recent podcasts you can find “Change models, and change practice for Scrum Masters”,”How Scrum Masters can help teams address conflict without a blow-up” or “How Agile Retrospectives are the core of the change process”.


* This Agile Life

This Agile Life is an Agile podcast hosted by different persons that discusses what it is like to be agile in the real world.


* Troubleshooting Agile

Troubleshooting Agile is a book written by Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squirrel, that has an accompanying podcast. Some of the topics presented in this podcast are “How to Fail by Acting Unilaterally “, “Engagement and Joy in Agile Teams” or “The Post-It Factory Game”.


* Two Scrums Up

Two Scrums Up is an Agile podcast that shares Scrum stories, advice and education. Twon Scrum Masters discuss the ins and outs of Scrum, Agile and project management. No matter where you are on your Scrum journey, you are sure to learn from their successes, missteps, and Agile anecdotes.


* Why Agile Transformations Fails

This podcast is all about answering the question, ‘Why do agile transformations fail?’


Agile & Scrum Podcasts: Why Agile Transformations Fails

* Women in Agile

The Women in Agile Podcast supports and amplifies the work of outstanding women in the agile community. Passionate, creative, and intelligent people from all genders come together in these inspiring conversations, to advance equality and inclusion for all. The Coaching Agile Teams Mini-Series features industry stalwart Lyssa Adkins as she joins our podcast host, Leslie Morse, on an exploration of 10 topics supplementing the book’s content and support the release of the new audiobook version of the content.


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