Scrum Agile Project Management Proposes New Advanced Course for Scrum Masters has announced at Agile 2018, the addition of its new, advanced Scrum Master course, Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II). PSM II is a 2-day course intended for Scrum Masters with at least one year of experience, during which time they have had the opportunity to learn how to use Scrum to increase value, quality, productivity and user satisfaction.

The addition of this course is paramount to the company’s mission helping Scrum Masters to continuously improve by building experience, knowledge and capabilities, as they help their teams and organizations succeed. Unlike the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course which focuses on how to use Scrum, the Scrum framework and the role of the Scrum Master, PSM II is an advanced course to help students improve their Scrum Master skills to support their Scrum Teams.

“Taking on the role of the Scrum Master is a challenging one,” said Ken Schwaber, Scrum co-creator and Founder. “We have spent years training people to become better Scrum Masters, and now it is time to take what we’ve learned to help them continue improving. We are always inspecting and adapting with Scrum, and Scrum Masters do the same, gaining new techniques, insights and ideas. There is always room to grow as both individuals and Scrum Masters, and it is part of our mission to help them do so successfully.”

Like all courses, the PSM II course is taught by our licensed Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) around the world, who bring their own style and experience to the courses, while leveraging common materials, allowing students to learn from real experiences in a consistent manner no matter which PST is teaching the course. There is time allotted in this course for the PST to provide coaching on challenges that students may be experiencing today or may in the future. Public classes are currently being listed on the website.