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Scrum Alliance & Scrum Inc Partnership on Scaling Agile

Scrum Alliance and Scrum Inc. are launching a new joint venture to train, coach, and promote Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum@Scale framework for Agile transformation that is designed to scale Scrum across entire organizations.

Scrum Inc. has been founded by Dr. Jeff Sutherlrand the co-creator of Scrum is the world’s leading authority of implementing Scrum. Scrum@Scale is the natural extension of the Scrum framework. It is designed to deliver business agility across an entire organization: all departments, products, and services. No matter the industry, Scrum@Scale makes every team a Scrum team and transforms organizations into market-disrupting forces. “Scrum@Scale is a framework where networks of Scrum teams can efficiently address complex problems while creatively delivering products of the highest possible value,” said Jeff Sutherland. “We look forward to working with Scrum Alliance and their tremendous networks of trainers, coaches, and members to promote this new way of building healthy, high-functioning organizations.”

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