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Scrum Alliance Board of Directors 2019

The Scrum Alliance has announced its 2019 Board of Directors members. The members of the 2019 Scrum Alliance Board of Directors are Eric Engelmann, Deborah Nugent, John Doyle, Zuzana Sochova, Sohrab Salimi, Michael Meissner, Marjan Pouran, and Andy Deitsch. As the Chief Product Owner, Howard Sublett will remain on the board.

The membership of Scrum Alliance recently elected Marjan Pouran as the new Scrum-certified member on the board while the two board-elected directors were Andy Deitsch and Eric Engelmann. The board also acknowledged Pete Behrens, the previous Community-elected Board member, for his dedication and hard work on the board during the past three years. Chief Product Owner Howard Sublett said, “Pete’s commitment to Agile and Scrum was demonstrated time and time again while he served on our board the past few years. He was one of the visionary leaders for us on the board and in the community as we added valuable new certifications to the Scrum Alliance offerings such as CAL I and CAL II.”

Founded in 2001, the Scrum Alliance claims having more than 750,000 certified Agile practitioners worldwide.