Scrum Agile Project Management Launches Agile Features has unveiled a completely redesigned version of their project management software, marking the biggest software release in the growing SaaS company’s 11-year history. This release features a modern new user interface, upgrades to speed and performance, and most notably, a brand new Kanban board feature for Agile projects. aims to provie hybrid project management, a combination of two popular planning styles: Waterfall, which uses time-based project plans, and Agile, which utilizes quicker projects, called “sprints.” The new makes it possible to plan both Waterfall and Agile projects, right within the same platform. Its Kanban board is simple and intuitive, featuring a drag and drop interface with columns and cards that can be customized at will. New Kanban projects are also linked to the dashboards and time tracking features, so that customers get the simplicity of the Kanban interface combined with in-depth data analysis and reporting.