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Digité announces SwiftEnterprise 5.0

Digité has announced the launch of SwiftEnterprise 5.0, their new AI-driven product for Enterprise Project Intelligence. Digité Co-founder and CEO, AV Sridhar, said, “With SwiftEnterprise 5.0, we have launched Digité as a provider of Enterprise Project Intelligence to help organizations accelerate their Lean/ Agile and Digital Transformation initiatives. Digité has been at the forefront of Lean/ Agile development and management solutions, providing rich insight with data-driven predictive analytics to technology organizations. With AI and Machine Learning gaining ground in enterprises, SwiftEnterprise 5.0 and all our other products now leverage AI and ML to provide new and hitherto unexplored insights into project teams and management about their project delivery performance.”

SwiftEnterprise 5.0 provides the following set of capabilities to Lean/ Agile teams:

  • Team Dynamics – a powerful AI/ ML tool that helps organizations measure and assess their teams’ emotional state, correlating it to the kind of work they perform, and analyzing their impact on project delivery performance.
  • A ChatBot framework that provides a continually learning conversational interface, that enables project managers and team members to query their project data and update their work right from their Slack collaboration workspaces.
  • An upgraded Agile module with an enhanced Kanban Board and Agile Metrics to help manage Lean, Agile and Hybrid Agile projects.
  • Integration to the popular collaboration tool Slack besides its 50+ ALM, CRM and DevOps tools including JIRA, CA Agile Central, VersionOne and Microsoft TFS.
    Updated Mobile App for iOS and Android devices.