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cPrime Acquired DevJam and Blue Agility

cPrime has announced that it has acquired DevJam, a Devops and Agile consulting firm, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since 2007, DevJam has been the premier thought leader in the Midwest for product development, continuous delivery and Agile optimization.

The acquisition will extend cPrime’s network to help companies build devops cultures that produce antifragile code and continuous delivery pipelines that foster continuous learning. With DevJam’s immersive framework called Dojos, companies will be able to form teams bonded around product and customer learning, product discovery and learning outside the code, responsive engineering rooted in a culture of Devops, and the importance of iterative learning based in contextually meaningful evidence.

Earlier this year, cPrime announced that it has acquired Blue Agility, a Agile and DevOps consulting and training firm, based in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Since 2011, Blue Agility has helped organizations implement large-scale agile transformations, DevOps automation and application lifecycle management (ALM) technology. With “BlueKit”, a proprietary library of best practices, templates and workshops, companies are able to drive consistency and accelerate rollout of SAFe transformations of all sizes.