Scrum Agile Project Management

CA Technologies Improves Agile Management Portfolio

CA Technologies has announced new capabilities across its Agile Management portfolio for a clear and connected view of work in progress and available resources to align and execute on strategy.

The solutions help fuel business agility with:
* The latest release of CA’s market-leading Project & Portfolio solution (CA PPM) gives greater insights into current and future resource planning as well as increased functionality for team collaboration.
* New features for teams in CA Agile Central that ensure team work is clearly aligned to company objectives to allow employees to see how they contribute to top line growth.
* And additional integrations across CA’s vast product portfolio that allow organizations to leverage the funding, investment and planning capabilities of CA PPM with visibility into what is being delivered via CA Agile Central, so that companies can make better, fact-based decisions.

CA Agile Central’s unique capability, Team Board, bridges the gap between team-level autonomy and company strategy with an unprecedented level of process flexibility, supporting Scrum and Kanban at the team level, while ensuring visibility and alignment to business strategy. Driving increased visibility into strategic business decisions and work in process, CA PPM has expanded integrations with CA Agile Central to offer customers a 360 degree view of all work being delivered from agile and traditional teams across the enterprise. These new integrations enable:

* Unified Portfolio Funding Approval: Integrate all work into a unified funding portfolio. Gain visibility into spend on all activities across traditional and agile teams.
* Flexible Backlog Management: Maintain feature backlog in Agile for internal teams or in PPM for customer scope controlled contracts.
* Unified People Planning: Add new team members from CA Agile Central to the project staffing to provide enterprise visibility into all work.
* Simplified Cost Management: Single time management solution for Agile Central and CA PPM. Combined with a unique time template for finance to classify work without burdening teams with complex rules or audit requirements.