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2018 Board of Directors for Scrum Alliance Announced

Scrum Alliance has announced its officers for the 2018 Board of Directors. Scrum Alliance Interim CEO Lisa Hershman said, “We have numerous new initiatives coming in 2018 that we are excited to share with our global community. I am confident these new board members will help guide the organization in developing and delivering new products and services to our members in the future. I am excited to work with this group of dedicated professionals as we help Scrum Alliance continue to transform the world of work.”

Board Chair Gene Bounds said, “Scrum Alliance has experienced much growth and many exciting changes in recent years. We hope that we can continue to expand and grow the market globally for the organization, and we think these newly appointed board members will help us do just that. It is an honor to be on this board, and I look forward to working with this team of committed professionals as we support the community and spread the impact and power of Scrum.” The officers of the 2018 Scrum Alliance Board of Directors are Eugene Bounds, returning as the Board Chair; Pete Behrens, voted in as the Board Vice Chair; John Doyle, returning as the Board Treasurer; and new community-elected board member Sohrab Salimi, voted in as the Board Secretary.