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Your First 10 Steps in Scrum

Implementing Scrum is difficult and it is always difficult to answer the question of where to start this Agile Travel. In this article, Ilan Goldstein shares 10 tried-and-tested steps to help new practitioners get their Scrum show on the road.

Based on his experience, he thinks that these steps are by no means the only way to implement Scrum, but they offer a solid base from which to inspect and adapt. These ten steps are:

Step 1: Stop, Look, and Listen
Step 2: Talk Up the Benefits
Step 3: Start a Pilot Project
Step 4: Create a Scrum-Friendly Environment
Step 5: Skill Up!
Step 6: Build an Initial Backlog
Step 7: Benchmark Your Agility
Step 8: Just Start Sprinting
Step 9: Fix the System
Step 10: Spread the Word

All these steps are discussed in the article.

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