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When a Scrum Project Has Gone Wrong

Absent ScrumMaster, poorly defined requirements, inexperienced team, absent product owner, impossible goals. Sometimes things can go wrong even in projects that use an Agile approach like Scrum. The main issues are absent product owner or ScrumMaster, an inexperienced team, poorly defined requirements or impossible goals. In this article, Avelino Ferreira Gomes Filho shares some of his experience as a replacing ScrumMaster in troublesome Scrum projects.

His first advice is to find facts that tell you the project history using the product backlog as your primary source. You should try to understand what happened? when? who did it? how did it happen? Understanding the past should help you answer the main question: can this software be done?

If the answer is “yes”, the article shares different actions that you can take to put the project back on track:
* Rebuild the communication
* Reaffirm commitment
* Clarify the development process
* Restart the project with a new product backlog

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