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Value-Oriented Incremental Delivery

Sometimes, organizations adopting an Agile approach are mostly following Scrum practices like rituals. They might do daily stand-up meetings but do not perceive that the real goal is to deliver quickly value to the customer. In an article, Vinod Santhanam explains how the Value-Oriented Incremental Delivery (Void) approach can help Agile teams to achieve this goal.

The article starts to define Value-Oriented Incremental Delivery (Void) as a “framework for connecting organization goals, vision, initiatives, along with technology and architecture roadmap to an effective delivery mechanism to realize value sooner.” Delivering value doesn’t always happen because the team if more focused on finding the right scope to fill the sprint time or because there is too much technical debt. Scrum teams tend to focus more on technical points than on understanding the customer and how to realize the value sooner.

Value-Oriented Incremental Delivery

Then the article discusses more in detail the Value-Oriented Incremental Delivery Model​ and the culture of experimenting and learning. It explains concepts like the value quotient, the value funnel or the underserved outcome. The conclusion of the article is that “Value creation should dictate what practices to adopt to amplify the impact. Focusing on improving the developer experience – along with building a culture of experimentation and learning – fosters creativity, stimulates innovation and enables delivering value incrementally and rapidly. Principles over practices bring the focus back to the customer value creation. This change in language and vocabulary helps shape thinking, and thinking affects behavior.”

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