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The Product Owner Role in Sprint Retrospective

The sprint retrospective in an important moment in the Scrum approach where the team think about its software development process and tries to improve it. As on of the three Scrum roles, the product owner has to play its part in this activity. In this blog post, Roman Pichler explains how product owner can play an active role during the retrospective meetings.

The sprint retrospective meetings takes place at the end of the sprint after the sprint review meeting and should produce improvement measures. The product owner has to take part to these meetings to strengthen his relationship with the other members of the Scrum team and to improve the collaboration with them. Attending the retrospective not only helps the product owner to understand the issue the developers are facing, but should also be the occasion to get feedback on his own work. The blog post provides a list of questions that the product owner might want to explore in the retrospective.

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