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Technical Debt Management Future

Technical Debt is defined as the eventual consequences of poor or evolving software architecture and software development within a codebase. In a blog post published for the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Robert Nord has provided the keys points discussed in a seminar Managing Technical Debt in Software Engineering, an event that discussed both the past and the future of managing technical debt.

The International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt is organized every year since 2010. Robert Nord starts by describing the landscape of the technical debt issue, the visible and the invisible parts. The event tried to get a better definition of the core concepts of technical debt, producing a conceptual model. It produced also a vision on how to manage technical debt across different perspectives, like software economics or education.

The conclusion of the author is that “The convergence of efforts on these multiple fronts is necessary to make software development technically and economically sustainable. Otherwise, the friction that slows down the machinery of software evolution will threaten the discipline’s ability to maintain the code base on which society depends.”

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