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Self-Organization of Scrum Adoption

How will an organization that is already truly self-organized before Agile changes its process to adopt a framework like Scum? In this blog post, the Lomio team, a worker-owned cooperative company with no bosses, discusses how they embrace Scrum.

They start by writing that adopting Scrum is painful. The exact quote is “Because we’re stubborn, we had to learn the hard way, by making mistakes. More than a few times, just as we thought something we were building was nearing completion we’d realize it was not quite right (or even very wrong). Or things would take way longer than we thought. Or people would get frustrated at the way the team was working.” This is a real life account of the issues linked with total self-organization. In this specific case, an Agile coach might have helped the team progress faster.

The Lomio realized that to get the full benefits of Scrum, you must adopt it completely and follow it to the rule. Retrospectives were an important tool for the Scrum adoption process. The post presents some of the facilitation techniques that have worked for the team. It also discusses an example of how their processes improved with formal retrospectives. Then it discusses how they manage the new Scrum roles in their team. Finally, this long post ends with a “lesson learned” section.

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