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Scrum Team Metrics

An old project management quote says “You can’t control what you can’t measure”. This is not different when you use Scrum. In this blog post, David Koontz proposes a list of metrics that can be used to assess the activity of Scrum teams.

His advice is that these metrics should be used at the team level for team self-management. he thinks that it could be counterproductive to make these metrics visible outside of the team or to use them for micromanagement. Here is a partial list of the metrics discussed in this post:
* Velocity (in story points)
* Projected capacity (in person days) of next sprint
* Projected capability (in story points range) of next sprint
* Planned capability of the sprint (in story points)
* Story points done and accepted by PO in the sprint
* Stories started but not done (in story points and stories)
* Discovered work added to the backlog (in story points and stories)
* Scope increase/decrease during the sprint/release.
* Technical debt incurred this sprint (in story points)
* Cost of sprint

His wise conclusion is that “the larger question is not what metrics to collect, but how does one use those metrics to make decisions.”

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