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Scrum is Not Dead

After having heard a lot of time that Scrum is dead, Andrew Kallman and Ted Kallman explain why this is not the case. They start by writing that there is “nothing magical about Lean, or for that matter, Agile or any project methodology”. Based on job posting statistics, there is still a strong demand and interest for both traditional and Agile leaders.

They cite however the statistics from Jeff Sutherland in 2013 stating that 58% of Agile projects/efforts still fail. So Agile and Scrum are still far from having realized their full potential. Then they explain that all project management approaches can be placed on a continuum that goes from traditional to Agile with Lean in the middle. They then discuss Agile scaling frameworks, including their own UVF (Unified Vision Framework) and how they fit in the continuum. For them, the pivotal point of growing Agile is the ”Aha!” moment where team members can evolve without additional coaching and mentoring.

Their conclusion is that “Frameworks like the UVF, SAFe and M3.0 lend themselves very well to the ”hands-on” side of the picture where a more top-down, prescriptive coaching/mentoring is most appropriate for the individuals/teams. It’s like having training wheels when learning how to ride a bike. Once you know how to ride a bike, you no longer need ”training” wheels.”

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